Going from DX to D3 - will I be sorry?


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Nov 13, 2010
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I love my DX. The only problem I have with it is the lack of a physical keyboard. I've tried since the DX first came out to adjust but just can't seem to do it. I think the fact that I have long nails doesn't help. Other than the lack of a keyboard the DX is my dream phone. It does everything I need a phone to do and it does it very well. I've had very few issues with it and the few I've had have been easy to fix. I've been watching for a new Android phone with a physical keyboard for some time now and the only one that has caught my eye is the D3. The dedicated # keys really add to the appeal for me. So after debating and reading reviews which are almost always a mixed bag I caved and ordered a D3 which should be here late next week. Now my question for you all is will I regret it or will it be the best move Ive ever made? As far as devices with keyboards how does it rate? My all time favorite keyboard has to be (this may shock most lol) Palm Pre. I loved that keyboard and could type on it faster than I can on a comp. Next in line would be BB Curve. Ive owned several and loved all of the keyboards. Following that would be the Palm Pixi. Not as good as the Pre in my eyes but decent. Next is the Palm Centro and last and definitely least is my husbands OG Droid which I literally type like a 2yr old when Im forced to use. So with all of that info what do you all think? Am I going to come out of this happy as can be or back with my DX and listing the D3 on Ebay?


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Jan 23, 2010
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I had a dx and loved it. I think you will like it. My dx was fast so going from a fast phone to the d3 I felt that it wasn't a big leap in speed. Its faster to a point, apps open up a bit faster and games play better. The browser is a bit faster when loading up pages. The keyboard is really nice. That's a reason that I went with this phone. Its not a perfect phone or the fastest but its a great phone

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Mar 16, 2011
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I think you'll like it. I came from the BB world to the OG Droid, and while it did take a little adjustment, I got use to the OG Droid keyboard layout and feel, and after a while I was just as fast on it as I was on my BB Curve & Tour... And way more accurate than I ever was on the Storm 2.

The D3's keyboard is bigger and spaced better which gives me even more control. Add on to that fact with the fact that I don't have to hit a extra button to input numbers, and its just that much better.

And don't forget, if the physical keyboard isn't working out for you, you can always revert to the virtual one... and it comes with Swipe as well so you can always see if that works for you too.

All that being said. I use the physical keyboard, and that's pretty much all I use.


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Mar 16, 2011
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I came form a pre+ and the keyboards are very different. Portrait keyboards are very tightly packed. The d3keyboard, by comparision, is widely spaced to the point of being noticable. You deffinately need to move your thumbs around a lot more, and one thumb typing is out of the question.

Overall though, the keyboard is good and the phone works well.



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Mar 25, 2011
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I made the leap from a DX to a D3 and am glad I did. The screen is brighter and sharper, the keyboard is great and the ability to mirror my phone screen on my TV is really useful (Netflix, Android market movies, YouTube, games, etc.).

There are definitely some bugs (they're all well documented in the forums), but they seem to be diminishing over time and I'm sure they will eventually all get ironed out. In general, though, there is nothing that I can't do on the D3 that I could on the X, and a whole lot more that I can.

I also really like the newest version of Blur (even more than Go Launcher) and the overall form factor/look/feel of the phone appeals to me more than the X.

Hope you like yours as much as I like mine!

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Nov 8, 2009
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Honestly if you can get over the size and weight I think you would love this phone the keyboard is great screen is ok nothing to write home about but it gets the job done(just don't stare at the battery icon for long makes it look horrible) battery life has been good for me I've been making it through the day with ease or at the most a 30 min bump charge before work. But for me coming from a g2x as a daily driver it feels like coming from a Ferrari 458 and going to a MB E63amg I can always feel the weight of the skin and apps even though its still a pretty fast phone. With slightly less exotic feature like the camera which just sucks

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