Good bluetooth speaker for ThinkPad Tablet. Supertooth Disco spea


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Jun 21, 2012
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I recently purchased a Supertooth Disco Bluetooth ( SuperTooth DISCO - 28 Watt of pure audio heaven ) speaker for my ThinkPad Tablet and am very disappointed. There is noticeable lag when running sound through the speaker, especially when I'm playing a game. This occurs even if I'm literally right next to the speaker. It's strange that my iPhone has none of these problems when connected to the speaker. The speaker also pops, and stutters sometimes when connected to my Tablet, something that my iPhone also never experiences. The overall build quality of this speaker is amazing, and it runs perfect on my iPhone, however I bought this specifically to use on my Tablet. As a result of these issues I am planning to buy another Bluetooth speaker for my tablet, however I was hoping some of you have experiences with Bluetooth speakers. Do any of you know of a good Bluetooth speaker for our tablets? I want to be sure that the next speaker I get does not have any of the Supertooth Disco's problems. Any help would be most appreciated. :)