Good bye Android, hello Apple... And that's why...


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Mar 22, 2014
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I always thought that Android was superior because of all the freedom, customization and hardware selection that comes with it.

Unfortunately I got to the point where I gave my Nexus 7 to my son and bought a rather expensive iPad Mini Retina to do the same thing with it ... And that's why.

We had 6 Android devices in the last 3 or so years. Only one ( my wife's Samsung Galaxy S3) didn't crap out... Yet.

Her original Android phone - nothing but resets, slowdowns and inexplicable battery discharges.

The original Kindle Fire - a great device for what it does. Just over a year later the charging port works itself loose. Apparently a widespread problem related to the poor design. Can't be soldered back, it's a press fit connection. Amazon suggests we buy a refurb for $139 to replace the $199 tablet that's only a couple months out of warranty... And of course the same design. No way.

My original Nexus 7 - a great tablet at first. Then a major slowdown after 4.1 (or was it 4.2) update, to the point it became useless. 4.3 fixed it somewhat, but it still lags and slows down after a while, some people say due to deteriorating memory chip. Both mine and my kids' Nexii developed a lose power connector, luckily easy to fix. And turning the encryption on seems to introduce additional slowdowns and stability issues.

My HTC Evo 4G LTE was a great phone until something happened with charging circuit after just 5 months and it wouldn't turn the screen back on after going to sleep. Again, seems to be a common enough problem. The replacement unit worked fine, hope it lasts to the end of my contract.

So far, 5 problematic units out of 6. OTOH my wife's iPad 3 works without any resets or reboots or me going in with tape and pliers. My friend's original iPad that he bought second hand still works fine.

I still think Android could eat Apple for lunch - but they need to stop being sloppy. Especially with hardware.


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May 10, 2013
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Hardware issues aren't the fault of Android. That's just the software. Manufacturers are responsible for hardware failures. However, I can understand your frustration. Apple has really good quality control, probably the best in the mobile space. So I can see not wanting to deal with anymore Android devices any longer and going to Apple. I also think that it helps that Apple has actual stores you can go to when you have issues. Fortunately, for me, I haven't really had significant hardware issues on my Android devices that I haven't had on my iPhone or iPad. The last time I had hardware issues that was outside of the norm with an Android devices was back when I had the HTC Hero and I was getting a lot of dust under the screen. I had never known another smartphone to have that issue.

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