Google Assistant driving me INSANE - Xiaomi Mi9


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Mar 12, 2020
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When it's activated Google assistant interrupts constantly, as often as every couple of seconds sometimes. I have tried following the advice from every thread that I can find on the subject, but nothing works.

When Google assistant disabled I then get regular pop ups of the notification prompting me to turn it back on, which are less in number than the assistant itself popping up when activated, but still really annoying, and sometimes dangerous as they pop up over google maps when I'm driving

I have a Xiaomi MI9 running android 10, but it doesn't have the normal Android 10 menu that is present on the phones used in all the articles or videos I've seen that show how to be rid of google assistant. So for example on my phone the google app does not appear in the app manager list, and nowhere can I find the 'default apps' option.

I even tried - as suggested by some - installing Amazon Alexa as the assistant app, but there's no way to toggle between them and I still get pestered all the time by the google assistant, disabled or otherwise.

I am ready to consider any option, getting of the MIUI, rooting the phone, setting it on fire, whatever I need to do to be rid of this issue, It's making my phone unusable.

Please help!

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