Google+ Auto Backup not working in stock gallery?


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Jul 31, 2013
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My Samsung Galaxy S2 on Vodafone used to work fine with Google+ Instant Uploads then one day I noticed that all my images changed and they all appeared in separate folders according to date and time.

I Googled it and found out that this was down to Google changing the way it worked and that it also changed the name from Instant Uploads to Auto Backup.

When I looked in the stock gallery it still said Instant Uploads even after refreshing it.

I logged into Google Picasa and that said Auto Backup and all my phone images had already been placed inside this folder however this was not being shown on my mobile phone.

I went into the settings on my mobile and cleared the data and cache on the Google+ app and also Samsungs Stock Gallery.

After about 15 min I was pleased to see my Stock gallery now showed Auto Backup folder with all my images in there and I thought this was now fixed but unfortunately it wasn't.

When I take a picture or video on my S2 it automatically uploads and I receive a notification saying it has successfully been uploaded.

You can view the uploaded image/video via the Google+ app and also via logging into the Google Picasa on the computer.

But.... if you look in my samsung stock gallery it does not show any new images/videos that I have taken.

This used to work fine and all my images would show in the Instant Upload folder but it seems it is now just not talking or syncing with Google anymore???

Does anyone no why?

I have tried changing it to upload over WiFi only and also Via mobile data but that does not work and I have also cleared the cache and data and although that then shows the latest images/videos taken it then does not show any future images/videos.

Sorry if this is confusing but it really bugging me now lol



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Feb 10, 2012
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Old post so you may have already gotten your answer... Looks like all you need to go to the new Photos app to see everything on your phone plus your auto backup.

Unless I'm missing something...


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May 21, 2012
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I have a similar problem with a couple of fones running Android 4.3. No Auto backup folder visible in the gallery after when fone defaulted though photos are being uploaded to G+ OK as I can see them in there.

This has happed on a Galaxy S4 and Moto G

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