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Google calendar online does not match my calendar on the phone (which are all duplicated)ne


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Re Samsung S6 Edge. I have lots of events in my online Google Calendar, including the calendar for the Washington Nationals (one that Google offers). It is fine online.
However, on my S6 Edge, there are multiples of every Nationals game every day, but they show different times. Game times are usually about three to seven hours apart, even when in the same time zone (e.g., Phillies v Nationals, or Sox v Nationals). It makes no difference whether they are home or away games. And they don't play double headers every day.

I tried turning them off in my online gmail calendar, which works for online only. They remain on my phone, in duplicate as before.

I have tried turning them off on my phone as well, which makes them all go away. But that does not affect those online.

Turn them back on, and there they are again in duplicate, just like before.

This problem is looking forward only, and not back. That is, 2015 is fine.

This problem, by the way, does not seem to exist with other calendars that I have added, such as a couple of football teams. This is the default Samsung calendar, so far as I can tell. I would like to disable and/or remove it entirely and get the Google calendar app, but cannot figure out how to disable or remove it (unless someone can tell me how). I think that would do it. If I could at least move it to the end of all the programs on the desktop, that might help. But it is right up there with those at the beginning of the alphabet. It is just a pain in the neck, to be honest. I do not recall this problem happening until recently, and it seems to be a new one since the software updated last week to Android version 6.0.1 last week.

I just want to get rid of it and have a useful calendar.

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