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Android google contacts sync issue:
- Samsung Galaxy S8 edge
- Android version 8.0.0

when searching for a solution for my problem, I found 2 reported google contact sync issues:
1. not all contacts are being synced
2. contact syncing is not available at all

I face the 2nd issue:
„contacts“ are missing in my google account’s sync list (google drive, gmail, calendar, ...)

What I tried so far:
I added another google account to my mobile -> same issue (contact sync not available)
I added my google account to another mobile device -> contact sync is available

another example:
when I open my contact app, it asks for an online account
- I enter my google-account-name -> „this account is already existing“
- I remove my google account from my mobile -> I add my google account when being asked in my contact app -> after adding the account it immediately disappears from the contact app (seems it doesn’t not qualify for being a „contact-account“), but the account is again listed in the „connection“-list

any ideas?