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Google Maps, Play Store and Gmail not working

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Hi, I have one plus 3 with android 8.0.0
I went on holiday (10 hour zone difference)and deactivated all app connections except whatsapp and chrome and facebook, which only connected to the wifi in hotel.
I came back and activated all connections of apps (wifi and 4g).
All apps seem to work fine except for maps that finds the street I´m looking for, but just keeps on calculating best route.
Gmail opens emails, but doesn´t download or open the pdf or any file attached and google play store doesn´t search for any app I type in the search bar.
I´ve deleted all cache in recovery mode, and also tried changing the time to manual and to automatic rebooting in between (I read this somewhere), but it´s still the same.
No idea what to do next.
Also, not sure if the trip had anything to do with this issue

B. Diddy

Senior Ambassador
Mar 9, 2012
Welcome to Android Central! How did you "deactivate all app connections"? Which option in the settings menu did you use to do this?

Did you disable Google Play Services or anything similar? Try going to Settings>Apps, and tap Menu>Reset All App Preferences. This will re-enable anything you might have disabled.


New member
May 23, 2018
Hi, my phone is in Spanish, but with my translation it would be something like: Settings- Data usage (or use) - menu - Data usage control - apply to all (Allow everything, prohibit everything, only wifi or only data)
I selected it to allow everything.
I have checked in settings - apps - list of apps - maps, google services, play store, ect - data use - automatic connections activated and the other three deactivated.

I just did like you said "reset all apps", but still the same.
I also notice now that Whatsapp doesn´t connect all the time, sometimes it takes a long time to receive messages as if it disconnects from the internet. I have selected for whatsapp no battery optimization so that should keep it connected. When I open on my pc web.whatsapp it says most of the time whatsapp disconnected unti I open it on my phone