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Google Maps spins on location point on Galaxy S7

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I have an issue that has been troubling my phone for some months. In Google maps the location is found with no problems. When I navigate all start well with the my location moving along the direction of travel. However, within a mile the map will spin (using the current location as the axis) and the move back to the correct direction of travel. It will continually do this for the entire journey. It is very annoying, especially when approaching side roads and it something thinks/ assumes they have been entered. It then has re-routing phases as it tried to go along the side road and then realises I am still on the main carriageway and re-routes again.
I will stress here that me location in always correct, it is the rotating maps I wish to correct when navigating.
NOTE: I do not see the issue when using Waze or Here maps - I just prefer to use Google maps for navigation!