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Jul 8, 2012
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I've read that Google messenger can send messages over wifi with no cellular signal. I work in a steel warehouse building all day, so I have zero reception. To save battery, I turn my phone on airplane mode and then connect to wifi. I use hangouts to send messages to a few people during the day. Being able to send and receive regular sms/MMS messages over wifi would be much more helpful for contacts that don't use hangouts. The problem is, when I turned my phone on airplane mode and connected to wifi to test messenger, it would not let me send or receive any messages. What am I doing wrong?

I tried the verizon messenger app that sends sms over wifi, but it didn't not work very well for me. If I didn't use the app for a while, it was almost like it closes and I don't receive any messages until I manually open the app and "connect".


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Apr 4, 2016
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I was wondering the same thing. I saw it mentioned on the project fi Google help page. I had something strange happen to me. I have been using google messenger on my Verizon note 5 running marshmallow since I got the phone in January. I just flew into London and had WiFi off and airplane mode on since take off from the US. When I landed I turned only WiFi on(leaving airplane mode on) and connected to the free airport WiFi and to my amazement instantly received a couple SMS/MMS ( 1 single and 2 group messages in case anyone cares but no pictures). Then to my further amazement I was able to send 2 quick replies which registered as sent on google. Then I went through security and settled in for my layover and connected back to the WiFi and was no longer able to send texts through Google messenger. Fortunately I did see that the Verizon messages+ has wifi texting and configured that and was able to successfully send and receive further sms messages through it. Verizon messages also has the messages I sent through Google messenger as being successfully sent. Can anyone give any insight into this and how I can switch back over to using Google messenger via wifi as the OP was asking.

PS been a long time stalker of the forums but just registered since I am bored in the airport.

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