Google Nexus 7 32 GB LTE version US model usage issues in India


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Feb 28, 2014
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I am planning to buy a Google Nexus 7 2013 wifi + 4G LTE version from bestbuy and have it shipped to a relative who will be flying down to India by next month. The bestbuy link for the product is:

The product title says: Google - Nexus 7 LTE - 32GB (Unlocked) - Black.

Since I am not very much into gadgets, I need help with a couple of questions based on which I will decide whether to get the item from USA or buy the 3G variant(at a much higher price) from flipkart:

1> What does unlocked mean?

2> The product features description says:
Embedded 4G LTE mobile broadband technology
Gives you an ultrafast mobile Internet connection. (Wireless service contract required; sold separately. Check with carrier for coverage area and availability in your area.)
Tablet sold inactivated. Activation done in-store. Carriers Offered: AT&T and Verizon Wireless

Does this mean that if you buy this device from US, you will have to get a US mobile connection necessarily. More importantly, the question is can I use this device with a India based mobile provider like Vodafone or Airtel?

3> With a 4G LTE enabled device, can I use a standard 3G connecion as offered by most Indian mobile providers?

4> In case, I do not choose to use the mobile connectivity option, I should be able to use the WiFi connection without any issues?

5> Are there any other known issues that I should be awaare of regarding buying a device from US to be used in India. Example could be maybe getting a compatible charger, etc.

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