Google Now, Alarm setting and cancelling with Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

Derek Shadbolt

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Dec 29, 2016
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I am using a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

I can set an alarm with Google now voice commands.
The alarm is set but in the native Samsung Clock app.

When I want to cancel an alarm with a voice command, I am told i needed to install the Google Clock app.

I did this, but the alarms listed between the two apps are not the same.

I cleared out the alarm in the Samsung clock, and still had Google clock installed. Tried to set an alarm again, and Google Voice to set the alarm (Set alarm for 1030 today), but again it set it in the Samsung App, and not in the Google app.
When I try to use the Cancel Alarm for 1030 voice command, Google clock opens and I am asked to select the alarm I want to cancel, but again the 1030 is not listed in the Google Clock app.

How can I get google voice to use the same clock app for both setting and cancelling?

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