Google+ Photos App Not Sharing to Facebook/Go SMS Pro


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Mar 11, 2014
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Hi! I used to be able to share directly from the photos app to FB/Go SMS (and the option is listed in the share options). Facebook/Go SMS opens, but the photo is not being attached. I looked up the apps and they are the current version, and I even updated FB and still no go. I am able to share it to other apps, such as Phonto, stock messaging, and Pinterest.

I want to say this started after the update to 4.3 but I can't be certain. I do know it DID used to share, prior to all the added editing features in it.

I can't see where to uninstall the photo app, so I'm assuming it's the google+ app -- is that correct?

I'm on Samsung Galaxy S3, version 4.3.

Thanks for the help in advance!