Google Play - download songs twice only, really?


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Feb 21, 2012
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To gain some extra space on my HDD, I uploaded all the CDs in my collection that I had ripped top disc, some 4000+ tracks. Now I'm reading that I can only download songs twice from the Net. Please tell me this applies only to tracks/CDs purchased from Google (of which I have none) and not my own library.

Also, I've chosen a few tracks to make available offline on my Nexus 4, but they aren't showing up where I expected them to be (sdcard/Android/data/..../files). Where are they?

Edit: OK, never mind. Been doing some reading (which I shoulda done before deleting all those tracks from my HDD) and seems that's the case. But the pisser is it's an all or nothing download. I mean, seriously, what's the rationale behind having to download thousands of tracks just to get a few you'd like to have locally? :rolleyes:

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B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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I'm not sure, but I think it's all in an effort to make it harder to distribute music freely (i.e., pirating). So if there were no download limit, what would stop people from ripping music from a CD, uploading it, then downloading it many times to many different devices for many different people?

Keep in mind that if you download it once to your computer, you can then keep it in a safe place, and then copy it to another computer if you need to. So Google isn't completely preventing you from distributing your music--they're just making it a little more inconvenient, so that the behavior doesn't run rampant. This is just my opinion.

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