Google Play Music


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Jun 8, 2010
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Google Play Music, the app is great. The putting our music in the "cloud", or syncing from PC, to save room on phone is great

However I realized, and I believe I was told I was right, that that takes as much data as Slacker for instance. I love slacker, but am afraid to use it regularly, so I was going to my google play music

Upon learning this, I went to make a change to music folders and also sign out of Google Play....the right way to handle it? Not have it be able to be synced, but leave it there when I want it? I suppose i could take that Google Play Music account off or not sync it

But when I changed the folder, it again said I had 1650 songs. Each time I try to load them it stops around 1030

Could someone clarify

(quick side question, which is better and why, Video Player or Twist something??? )

Thank You