Google Speech to Text / Voice Typing not capitalizing proper nouns / names / places, etc


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Jan 4, 2023
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I use Voice Typing / speech to text ALL the time....for texts, emails, documents.

There has clearly been a huge, negative change (or they just don't care about it anymore) because it now never capitalizes the first word of a sentence (unless that word is "I") and rarely capitalizes names / proper nouns anymore.

I don't know where to turn but I am curious if others are having major capitalization issues with voice typing / text to speech lately, 2023

I have all the correct settings on in Gboard and have English US as my language and have Auto Capitalization on....

Every month I wait for an update and it never seems to get fixed. Its annoying and embarrassing speaking out in voice typing / speech to text, sending a text to a friend or client and noticing you called Malcom, "malcom" or Robert, robert.

Is anyone else having this problem? Using a Pixel 6a on Android 13

Thanks in advance!