Google Talk Notifications with Gear 2 Neo


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Nov 30, 2014
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Hi everyone,

I _just_ got the Neo 2 on Friday and I've been fiddling with it. I know it may be a long shot since Google Talk has been discontinued, but I am trying to prolong my use of it for as long as I can without having to use Hangouts since I strongly do not like Hangouts.

Having said that, do any of you happen to still use Google Talk and are getting your notifications on your Gear? I've tried resetting my phone, resetting and factory resetting the Gear, but am unable to get Talk notifications to appear on the Gear. I have other applications that are working- Line, GMail, Twitter. But Talk is an app I use frequently, if not the most frequently, so it is frustrating that I can't get notifications to appear.

Note I am using an old custom rom w/jellybean 4.2.2. There are other things I may have stupidly done when trying to remove bloatware (incorrectly way back when when I didn't want SVoice and other Samsung apps but can't for the life of me to get it working after re-installing it), but I don't believe it should affect notifications of Talk. Any help would be SO appreciated!!

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