Google Voice via 2 sims


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Feb 23, 2010
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Long time lurker here. I've been looking around and see that the new firmware has fixed what some issues some folks have had with GVoice. That said, I'll try to keep this short. I use 2 phones (1+1 and N6) for work and personal. Work wise, I don't care about LTE as it's mostly text/voice with a little email. My personal I want my LTE on, even though it's not a killer since I'm around awesome WiFi a lot. I use GVoice for my personal and business. So that is a total of 4 lines, personal line + GVoice and business line +GVoice. Yeah it seems absurd and ridiculous and it slightly is, but I'm stubborn and set in my ways and I like my set up. HAHA. All that aside, is it possible to run GVoice twice, one for each sim, on the Zen2?? I'm interested in if it's possible and if not why. I'm self taught since day one of Android, but by no means an expert or engineer. I have just enough Android smarts to make myself dangerous to my own doings, ha! It's not a deal breaker by no means, but I am interested in a solid discussion on it. I've been loving Jerry's reviews and talks on the phone and I'm really thinking about getting one. Again, it is not a deal breaker if it won't run two GVoices.

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