Got my 2nd N7 today - One weird problem so far (play music)

Joe Mags

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Dec 18, 2011
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I bought one Thursday for my boys to replace their original N7 that they broke a few months ago. I was able to pick up a 2nd unit today for myself and got a great unexpected deal. I have a family member who works at wally world so i got their discount but what i didn't expect was that it was back to school tax free weekend in my area. I got the 32GB out the door with the two year covers everything plan for $269.32!

First off i have to say how blown away by this tablet I am. The online pics, videos and reviews just don't do it justice until you have it in your own hands. We enjoyed the heck out of last years model but this is in another league. Well, well worth the selling price.

Now for the one hiccup i have noticed with play music. If you are streaming a song and the screen is on and you go from vertical to landscape AND turn front to back at the same time the music will stutter. This does not happen when going from vertical to landscape if you keep the screen facing you the whole time. It also does not happen if the screen is off. Just a weird little bug that I found by chance while putting the unit down next to me.

I am totally loving this tablet. I can't wait for the cases and screen protectors to come in and I have to start checking out Qi chargers too.