Got my hands on one tonight, but just barely


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Nov 27, 2010
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I finally purchased a xoom tonight, but with all of the hoops I had to jump through to get this thing, I wonder if that was a sign I should have waited. I was a galaxy tab owner since black Friday of last year. And when the xoom was announced I wanted one but thought they would only offer them on contract. Once I found out that I could get one without a contract I was all over it. So I found someone off of Craig's list to buy my tablet and then off I went to purchase a xoom. Well I go to best buy and the guy tells me his computer is showing only one in stock. However, once he starts checking for it he can't find it. It turns out that it was reserved for a customer and waiting for him to pick it up. He then tells me I can reserve one through them and they will call me when it arrives. There is a Verizon Wireless store literally less than half a mile from this best buy. So I tell him no thanks and off to VZW I go.

I get to the VZW store and the guy says sure he has them in stock and he'd be more than happy to assist me. But when he goes to ring it up he starts telling me how I have to activate it and have a data plan before I leave the store. So I'm like no you don't, not if you're paying full price. So after he goes back and forth with me and I tell him he is about to lose an $800 sale to BB, he goes and gets the store manager. The store manager oks the sale but none of them know how to sell it to me without a data plan because it keeps asking for a number to be associated with the device. Then the guy just makes up a number to put in the computer, which I'm sure whenever I do try to activate this thing for a month if I travel is going to cause me some troubles. Well, I got out of VZW with the pad after a little while of them trying to at least get me for a one year agreement.

First impressions, this thing is huge compared to my galaxy tab. Definitely need a case with this and maybe some sort of bag to tote this around in. The galaxy tab always just got stuck in a pocket, either a big coat pocket or snugly into a jeans pocket. This thing is also considerably heavier than my gtab. Not a deal breaker, but definitely noticeable and don't think I will be laying in bed holding this in front of my face to read ebooks like I did on the tab. If I start to doze off with this in my hands I will probably brain myself. I do like the device though and it will be even better once I get all my media on it. I had the 16 gig gtab and a 32 gig sd card installed with all of my music and movies. Hopefully they will get this sd card thing working soon.

One quick question I have is this. I read on this review Android Portal ? Motorola Xoom Hands-on Review, that the guys were using their American bought Xoom with a German tmobile sim card. Does anyone know how this is possible? And would I have to root to do this? I still have the sim from my gtab and have'nt deactivated service yet and I won't deactivate if I can use it. Thanks in advance if anyone knows the answer to that question. I am going to play with my Xoom a little more and will post back later with any questions or comments.


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Nov 11, 2009
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You got lucky that they got it to work. Technically if you didn't buy it on contract you were still supposed to buy it with at least 1 month of data. It happened to me as well. It was a stupid thing Verizon was trying to do.

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