GPs location not available for photos off camera: Galaxy A03s Model SM-A037U


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Apr 4, 2017
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When photos taken with a Galaxy A03s Model SM-A037U are viewed in Google Photos the GPS data is shown.

If the same photo is viewed outside of Google photos the location information is not shown.

I use FastStone image viewer and all photos taken with my Motorola show the GPS data in the EXIF info.
Photos taken with the Galaxy A03s Model SM-A037U show not GPS information when viewed in FastStone image viewer.

How can this be fixed.


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Dec 6, 2011
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Have you looked through your settings? Seems obvious but you don't mention it and that is of course the place to start.

I found this in a help article at Google which makes it sound like there is a setting for this,

Share a photo with a location
If you share a photo with Google Photos, the location of your photo may be shared if you added it, changed it, or if it was provided by your camera.

You can control if your location is shared in each shared album, link, or conversation you create or join. If you set up partner sharing, all photos you share will include location details.

The following situations happen if you choose to share the location of your photos:

If you add a location or edit an estimated location of a photo, and then share it with someone on Google Photos, you also share the location.
If your camera adds a location and you share that photo on Google Photos, the photo shows the location provided by the camera.
If you share a photo with a location estimated by Google Photos, the location won't be shared.
This doesn't affect photos or videos you share outside of Google Photos, such as when you download and email them to someone. In this case, the original location your device saved shows without any edits you made in Google Photos.

I found that here...

Then I found this...

Seems less helpful than the other article but it again looks at settings.

Let us know what you find.

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