GPS spiking all over the place during activity tracking, how can I stop it?


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Jul 13, 2015
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GPS spiking all over the place during activity tracking

I have been using Runkeeper very successfully with my S4 for many months. But in the past week, the GPS has been spiking all over the place, sending my running route off into the woods, onto roads I never went down, jumping backward, forward, and generally adding significant mileage to my routes. E.g., yesterday I did a confirmed 4.5 mile route, but Runkeeper measured it at over 12 miles. It's not just off by a little.

All other factors before & after the issue are equal. The way I'm carrying the phone while running, only running one other app (Spotify or a podcast), etc.

Has anyone else had this issue with the GPS tracking where it's spiking all over and registering that you went places that you never did?