Greetings Earthlings. Who can help me unbrick my LG Optimus M?


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Sep 2, 2011
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Hello Everyone. I'm happy to be a part of the android community officially now. However what prompted me to join the AC here is that I was hoping someone here could help me or refer me to someone or something that could help me w/ my little problem. The problem is that I think I not too long ago bricked my phone. It's an LG Optimus M. I bricked it trying to reboot to recovery mode to Clockwork Mod via Rom Manager (Yeah. That's right another ROM Manager victim). I would really like to not have to reset it back to its orig'l self. You know wipe the slate clean as it were b/c I have or had some really nice downloads on it and would like to be able to keep them if u know what I mean. But if I have to revert to stock I guess I'd just have to b/c it's better than not having a phone at all. Anyway can anyone give me some leads or something? I'd really appreciate it.