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Jun 8, 2012
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Hello everyone!

My name is DethB4DCaf and I am a computer geek from Colorado with more than a quarter century of computer time, a BS from Colorado University [Boulder] in Computer Science applications in Psychology [with an emphasis in applied math] and a MS degree from CU-Boulder as well, in Information Systems/Telecommunications.

Well, that pretty much sums it up..... (-: (-; (-:

Okay, I should probably add a few more things...

I currently have only three cats which might actually change (-; later this year,

My office has about a dozen computers including three laptops and one of the first "GoogleBooks", the test machines that Google was kind enough to give to a bunch of people for [ some of their infamous beta- ] testing, and in general terms, at any time there are going to be several [ old ] computers, a couple of [ old ] laptops and a large handful of smaller devices up and running and being utilized at any point in time.

Curiously enough, even after you include a pair of phones [ a Devour and a DroidX ], a pair of iTouches and a several other devices and toys such as my Archos 5 Internet Tablet, I only have one partition dedicated to Mr Gates' out-dated operating system ^W ^W ^W ^W ^W ^W ...the Windows operating system [XP Professional as I recall...].

Currently I am somewhere on the "semi-retired/semi-employed/contemplating giving up consulting/starting another company/joining YET another start-up company that's located in the same town as I live in/..." continuum, depending on the resolution of several concerns with respect to Uncle Sam. The most interesting of these revolves around a law that I recently became aware of with respect to using my drone, a slick little four-propeller device with a pair of built in cameras that I can control with my fourth generation iTouch. Apparently I am not allowed to use this "toy" for commercial purposes, which would be a rather painful development for, a company that was going to focus on Digitally Enhanced Aerial Reconnaissance flights for gathering real-time low altitude data about a specific location, such as a house or a plot of land or a picture detailing the length and breadth of a farm or other large environment.

Feel free to drop me a line, send me a comment, ask a random question, provide directions to the best cat toy EVER....

Back to fighting with a keyboard covered with coffee }-: .......Deth.........

[ Actually, it's a bit worse than that -- it WAS quite the tasty mocha, so this is one sticky keyboard I am trying to type with here...(-; ]

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