Group specific call and SMS tones on dual sim phone.

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Ok, here's a challenge for all you android boffins:

I have a Galaxy J5 dual sim phone running Nougat with one sim for personal calls and the other for work. For the work sim I need a ringtone and an SMS tone for unrecognised numbers (potential new clients) and different tones for those already in my contact list (existing clients). Similarly, for the personal sim, I need call and SMS tones for unrecognised numbers, while for contacts I need the ability to assign specific call and SMS to different groups within the contact list. Thus far I have tried a variety of solutions (Textra, Mood Messenger, DualSimRinger, Text-Tone Customiser) but no single app has been capable of doing everything (most aren't capable of assigning group SMS tones) and combinations of more than one has resulted in settings clashes.


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Feb 12, 2012
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I don't know if it's true for Nougat, but it is for Oreo - you can no longer choose specific tones for SMS contacts, only for SMS conversations (once one has started). (I've put in a request to Google to change that back - if it's in the SMS app's Settings it's not going to bother anyone who doesn't want to use it.) But the same thing held true (and will probably in the future if they bring it back) as for ringtones - there's no "not in the contacts" settings and there's no "in the contacts" setting. There were only a single "everyone that doesn't have a specific tone assigned" tone, then a specific tone had to be assigned to each contact. (Even apps that still maintain that "tone per contact" don't have a "tone for anyone in the contact list" choice.)

For ringtones, set the ringtone in Settings for all calls, then set the ringtone for each contact. If you want to assign them all the same "in the contact list" ringtone, that's fine, but there's no "unrecognized ringtone" or "in the contact list ringtone", only specific contact ringtones and one for anyone who doesn't have a ringtone assigned (including, of course, someone not in Contacts).

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