Group Text Issue - LG Optimus F7 - Boost Mobile


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Aug 28, 2013
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A week ago my wife and I swapped over to Boost from Sprint. The contract was up and shrinking payments sounded nice. We each got the Optimus F7 phone. After porting our numbers everything seemed fine until the next day when I got a group text from the coach of my softball team. It acted like it downloaded fine but the result was a blank text message. Then all the replies came in, and they were almost all blank too. I've narrowed it down to group texts which are converted to MMS messages. Ive confirmed in my coaches case, he is using an iPhone, but using a regular text with multiple recipients and not using iMessage. I have another friend on iPhone and I receive his group texts just fine. Im attaching a pic of what is happening. As you can see, in the main page of the messaging app I can see the first part of their messages in the preview texts, but when I open the thread for that person the texts are blank.

Here are the steps Ive taken to trouble shoot.......
1. Ive called tech support and they reset my phone.
2. I downloaded GoSMS Pro (still didnt work)
3. I downloaded Handcent (still no worky)
4. I manually set APN settings in GoSMS Pro (still the same)
5. I took it to a Boost store (they looked confused and said I dont know a lot)

Any ideas?
1. The phone isnt rooted.
2. Its not every group text, just a lot of them.
3. It always seems to be the same folks that work and the same folks that dont.
4. I never had the issue on Sprint with my HTC

Im dumbfounded and extremely frustrated...


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Sep 7, 2013
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MoJomonkey, I have having the exact same issue. I was wondering if you have found an answer to the issue yet? I read online that if I downloaded the Handcent SMS Application that I would be able to get SMS Thread Messages. Unfortunately this did not work. Please let me know if you have found a fix for this.


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Oct 8, 2013
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I have the exact same problem on my Boost Optimus F7. I could see the first few words of the text in the default message program's preview screen but when you open the message it opens to blank "Received" texts like in your pictures.

The guy at the Boost store was very helpful and found that "iPhone Messages" by Barleystudio in the Play store will let me read the messages that the default messaging program won't.

iPhone Messages won't let you do a group reply that I have found, you can just reply to the original sender. It doesn't tell you who else in the group is getting the message, just the phone numbers that were included in the group. Its not a great solution but at least you can read the message.

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