GS2, lockscreen keyboard has vanished so locked out of phone completely!!?

Charley Bod

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Mar 13, 2014
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Any advice please folks,
i got my phone back from a repair job on Mon10th March, its now the 13th and the keyboard i use to enter my lockscreen password has disappeared so i am now unable to input password and get into my phone!!? The guy that repaired (o2) did a full wipe of my phone and updated the software on it accordin to the letter i got back, could this be somethin to do with the **** up? I use Nova Launcher and touchpal keyboard and have done so without any issues for last 2 years almost so am baffled as to what could be wrong!?
Also when i plug phone into computer it initially said the device was malfunctioning possibly due to corruption and didn't show it up/recognize it! 2nd time round tho it shows up in 'my computer' as GTi9100p but when i go to look at files its telling me device has 0 items when there shud be at least 50-60 photos on there!!!
I'm not due for my upgrade until August so i really need this one to work, should i just go to an O2 shop? Has anyone else had same sort of issues?
Thanks for readin
Charley x

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