GTalk Account Switch?


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Jan 28, 2010
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When I open my Gtalk app, it seems to only allow me to sign into one of my Gmail accounts. I have 3 different Gmail type accounts on my Droid, and the one Gtalk seems attached to is actually a gmail domain account.

How can I sign out of the account and sign into my main Gmail ID on GTalk? I don't see the option to sign out or switch accounts. Even when I click Sign Out it closes the app, and when I tell it to not automatically sign me in, it signs me into the account (I don't want) as soon as I open the app.

Any ideas?


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Jan 8, 2010
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I believe gtalk only connects with the primary gmail account associated with the phone.

Id wait for a second oppinion, in case I might be wrong, but I think the only way is to do a factory reset, then assign a diff gmail account..

There is a work around by using a third party messaging app (I prefer ebuddy, because you can also sign into fb messenger, aim, y!messenger, and myspace) and just use that