Guide - Flash spica I5700 to latest firmware


Apr 2, 2010
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Attention!, this guide is not responsible for the dead device, crooked hands, etc. All you did at your own risk

1. Driver Deposit Files
2. Odin Deposit Files
3. spica.ops Deposit Files
4. Latest firmware :

Disabled your Samsung New PC Suite

1. Set your phone to the Downloader mode (Press Vol Down +Camera+ Power )
2. Wait for 10 sec and
3. Connecting your phone to PC via USB. If you have installed the first time, then put the driver.
4. Launch Odin
Should see the COM port number (can be any) on a yellow background.
If it does not appear, check to install the drivers, sometimes helps to change the USB port.
In the future, you can run Odin to connect the phone, and by the appearance of "COMx" to control the connection process.

5. Select files:
- OPS: spica.ops (go into the archive)
- PHONE, BOOT, PDA, CSC - resp. of the firmware (tar files), if the firmware contains only one. tar file, select it as a PDA!
(* download from samsung firmware and unzip the files)
6. Click on START
The process has started, you should see at Odin, and on the phone: progress bar will move.

At the end of the process at the end of the log Odin appears cherished inscription:
<1> Close serial port and wait until rebooting.

7. Disconnect your device from USB and you are done