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Dec 4, 2012
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[NOTE]Using your custom recovery. I will be using Clockwork Mod (CWM) as the basis of this guide. This is a supplemental guide for the definition of a custom recovery. For more information: http://forums.androidcentral.com/am...recoveries-versus-stock-there-difference.html
For how to reboot into recovery: http://forums.androidcentral.com/sa...ing-into-recovery-mode-galaxy-s2-s3-tab2.html[/NOTE]

You have rooted your device, and now free to use a custom recovery. In fact, many rooting processes involve installing a custom recovery. Now is your chance to use it. Especially if you are still stock, intending to use a custom ROM like Cyanogen or AOKP.

[TIP]Backup even your stock ROM. The custom recovery can be used to back up your current ROM. This is beneficial because of the ease in restoring your previous ROM, be it stock or custom. Aside from the possible hiccup in flashing a new ROM, you just may not like the new one. Restoring is less painful than reflashing.[/TIP]

To proceed with a backup, you need to ensure you have sufficient space on your device or External SD card. Backup files can easily reach Giga Byte sizes. Due to the size constraint of the internal memory of some devices, and the exponential rate that some apps are growing, if possible, I suggest the use of an external SD card. This leaves more space for apps and appropriate data.

Backing up your stock ROM can save potential headaches especially if you are flashing your first ROM. I have encountered many threads that ask for help with a bad flash, and no backup. Creating a backup will help relieve any uneasiness of first time flashing, due to there is the peace if mind that there is a fall back in case anything goes wrong, or a hiccup occurs.

To begin, you need to reboot into recovery. Upon doing so, brings up a menu in CWM. Close to the end of the list will be the option of backup and restore. Click this option.



Next will be your list of options of backing up or restoring. Here, you will have the option to backup your ROM and a separate option for backing up to external storage. This is the option to choose f you want to create a backup to your SD card.



[INFO]The back up process will take some time, roughly ten minutes. Be patient. Ensure you have a sufficient charge on your device before backing up.[/INFO]


Through recovery, you can also delete the backup that you have. You can also create as many backups as you would like. The only limit is your own space. CWM labels the file by date, in the year, month, day format.

Restoring ROMs is as simple as backing them up. Selecting the restore option, you can choose your ROM to restore, CWM even giving the option from where the restore file is located.


And to restore from your SD card.


Again, this process can take some time. Ensure you have a sufficient charge on your battery.

Congratulations! You have successfully backed up or restored your current ROM.
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Feb 11, 2015
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Thanks for sharing such an informative post, i think this is the best method for Custom Recovery for Android Phones. I too found the another method for Custom Recovery or Stock Recovery at HowToGeek.

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