[GUIDE] Sensation 4G. Stock GB to Rooted ICS - for noobs.


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May 19, 2012
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This is a guide for noobs by a noob to get from a stock gingerbread T-mobile (USA) Sensation 4g to a *rooted* version of the recent T-mobile ICS update. With root you can install your own tethering apps and lots of other things. By following the steps you also get to install other custom ROMS.
I did a lot of (overwhelming) reading and some question asking (see [Q] S-Off then T-Mobile ICS OTA / Undo? - xda-developers , Thanks to GROGG88 ) to get to this point.
This update has been done to Qty.3 sensation 4g phones, using 2 different windows 7 pro 64bit PC’s so it looks pretty repeatable so far.

aside: this was first posted a few minutes ago by myself on XDA but they didn't seem very grateful...

So here we go….
1. You will need a *stock* Gingerbread T-mobile sensation 4g phone with an SD card with at least ~4 GB free space.
2. A fully charged battery
3. A windows PC and micro usb cable
4. $10 to spend in the Google play store.
5. A healthy snack
6. 2 healthy drinks

PART A – S-OFF – so you have the lowest level control of your phone
1. Backup everything of value on your SD card to your PC (photos videos music documents etc.). Have your first healthy drink while the file copies complete.
2. Make sure there are no .Bin or .Zip files on the root of your Sd card.
3. Download v1.1 tool: [TOOL] HTC Sensation 4G All-In-One Toolkit V1.1 [2-16-2012] [Noob-Proof] - xda-developers and run.
4. Install HTC drivers.
5. Remove battery from phone. Put battery back in. hold down power+ VOL DOWN – wait until boot screen.
6. IMPORTANT: note down HBOOT version number at the top of the screen.
Then reboot phone
7. Use tool to start “revolutionary s-off method”, make a note of the serial number in the key prompt.
8. Connect phone and select htc sync mode
9. Go to: Revolutionary and chose windows download so you can unlock a beta key.
10. Enter the serial number from the console and copy your beta key (CASE SENSITIVE)
11. Paste beta key into console and hit enter
12. It ill install and reboot your phone a lot.
13. IMPORTANT : On the last reboot it should say “S-OFF” at the top of the screen. If it doesn’t then avoid the next parts.
14. Choose NO to clock work recovery when prompted on the PC.
15. Reboot phone – check everything still working

PART B – New hacked radio and super user
1. Install CWM
a. Load from the "Sensation_All-In-One_Toolkit_v1.1" :
b. Turn on debugger (setting - apps – dev. – debug)
phone connected on usb
c. Select htc sync mode.
d. Run “CWM” from the toolkit.
e. Phone will reboot after completion
f. check everything still works.
2. New (Gingerbread) firmware
a. copy "PG58IMG.zip" to the rood of the card.
IMPORTANT : This is *not* the same PG58IMG.zip” that will be used in the last part.
b. remove battery, re-install, hold down power+ vol DOWN until boot menu.
c. Press volume UP to install the update .ZIP
d. When finished press power button to reboot
e. Check everything still works
f. IMPORTANT: REMOVE "PG58IMG.zip" from the root of the sd card
3. Super user access – so you can install busy box , backup app and recovery
a. copy "su-" to the root of the SD card
b. remove battery, re-install, hold down power+ vol DOWN until boot menu.
c. Use vol up/down to navigate the menu and use power to select the “RECOVER” option.
d. You will now go into clock work mod (CWM)
e. Choose “install zip file from SD card”
f. Choose “ choose zip file”
g. Scroll down and select “su-”
h. Scroll down and select “yes – install su-”
i. You will see the install end with an “error ….. (status 0) “ and “iosntalation aborted” do not be alarmed this seems to be normal.
j. Choose” go back”
k. Choose “reboot system now”
l. Check everything works
m. If all went well you should now see SU / Super user in your apps list.

Part C – Getting ready for a custom rom - install busy box , backup app and recovery
1. BusyBox
a. Go to market/play store and download and install “busybox” by Stephen (Stericson)
b. Fin and launch busybox
c. When Supper user asks give busybox SU permission
d. From busybox main screen shoose “install”
e. Installation should report ”successful”
2. (optional but highly recommended) Titanium backup ($6.50)
a. Go to market/play store and download and install “titanium backup ” (free)
b. Go and buy and install the pro key version ($6.50)
c. Back up EVERYTHING.
i. Go to settings and chosoe ot backup all types of app data everywhere.
ii. Then do a backup of all system and apps
iii. Select menu and do batch
iv. Go have your healthy snack while the backup completes
v. Copy the backup on your Sd card to your pc and/or to your google drive account for safe keeping
3. 4EXT recovery control ($3)
a. Go to market/play store and download and install “4EXT recovery control ” by “4EXT” ($3)
b. Open “4EXT recovery control”
c. Choose “online install / upgrade”
d. Grant Super user access
e. Say yes to go online
f. Again Choose “online install / upgrade”
g. Say yes to “sensation/XL”
h. Choose 4EXT Recovery touch v1.0.0.5 RC3
i. Choose install (wait for the download)
j. You should have success.
k. You will be promted if you are S-ON?
If in part A you are very sure that you are S-OFF (which you should be) then answer “NO”

Part D – Super CID (11111111) – to allow you to flash any rom.
1. Install ADB tools
a. Download windows adb tools:
b. copy / uncpomrpess to c:\adb
c. open console widows in c:\adb
2. Set the phone to SuperCID
(from thread step 4: [Guide] to Installing S-off, Unlocking, ClockWork, Root, SuperCID & S-on - xda-developers )
a. Ensure your phone is switched on (regular home screen) and connect it by USB in HTC SYNC MODE (Ensure usb debugging is on settings)
b. enter the command "adb devices". This is to confirm your phone is connected. (It should come back with list of devices attached and your serial number)
c. enter the command "adb reboot-bootloader". (nothing further required device WILL reboot in bootloader)
d. IF it doesn't you can Manually put the phone in the bootloader/hboot mode
e. Navigate to fastboot by pressing volume down and pressing power button to select (power off > vol down + power on)
f. It will take you to the fastboot bootloader screen on your phone
g. Connect your phone via USB
h. Your Screen should now read fastboot USB
i. enter the command "fastboot oem writecid 11111111" (that is Qty. 8 of “1”)
j. enter the command "fastboot reboot-bootloader (Wait for it to reboot the bootloader)
k. enter the command "fastboot getvar cid" [it should confirm your CID is 11111111]
l. enter the command "fastboot reboot"
3. Note: You can now flash any ROM you like.

Part E – (Steve’s) Rooted ICS and radio install
1) Get files:
a. IMPORTANT: remove any old .zip files from the root of your SD card.
IMPORTANT: this new “PG58IMG” is NOT the same as the one from part A above.
b. Copy to root of SD card new ROOTED ICS firmware “Sensation_3.32.531.14.zip”:
[ROM] HTC TMOUS Stock ICS *RELEASE* 3.32.531.14 (Flashable | Untouched | Rooted) - xda-developers
file: Sensation_3.32.531.14.zip - 4shared.com - online file sharing and storage - download - Paul Lotridge
c. Copy to root of SD card new radio Firmware “PG58IMG.zip”:
[Firmware][May 15][TMOUS-ICS-3.32.531.14-unlocked] - xda-developers
file: PG58IMG.zip
d. IMPORTANT : Make sure you have both of these zip files on the root of your phone SD card or you may get very stuck.
2) Install new radio firmware:
a. remove battery, re-install, hold down power+ vol DOWN until boot menu.
b. Press volume UP to install the new radio firmware .ZIP
note: there will be a black screen/reboot and it will finish up the install.
c. Reboot and NOTE: you will no longer be able to boot to a useable phone / gingerbread (you will be stuck in a boot loop). you must proceed to the next step:
3) 4EXT control – backup your existing ROM
a. remove battery
b. IMPORTANT : REMOVE SD CARD (or you will be stuck installing radio again)
c. re-install battery, hold down power+ vol DOWN until boot menu.
d. Choose recovery menu option – you will enter the fancy EXT4 menu system.
e. Re-insert your SD card (without removing power from the battery)
f. Choose “backup / restore” to do a backup (of your present rom).
g. Go and have your 2nd healthy drink while it backs up.
4) 4EXT control – Install the new rooted ICS ROM
a. Choose “ install from SD card”
b. Choose “choose .zip from sd card”
c. Scroll down and locate “Sensation_3.32.531.14.zip”
d. Locate the Sensation_xxxxx.zip file and install
e. Once the install is complete go back and go to “wipe/format” and wipe the “dalvik cache” ONLY.
f. Reboot.
g. The phone will now update/migrate to ICS. After a few minutes (or many more depending on how many apps you had installed) you phone will be up and running with all your old programs and setting intact.
h. Note: the phone is going to be slow for an hour or two because it is going to be very busy:
i. some apps will request super user when run for the first time. You can usually grant it ok.
ii. Gmail will do a massive re-sync that could take up to an hour (see the sync symbol at the top of the screen )
iii. Many apps will start updating in the play store or need a manual update.
iv. After an hour or so (and a few reboots) your phone will be going at full speed 
i. Enjoy. Go play with ICS and then start trying out some cool root (Super user) only apps like “Samba file share”


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Jun 30, 2012
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Thanks for great guide worked a treat. Tried many guides but couldn't update . Everything wen't smooth and as described . Only problem i had was at the end my phone just kept rebooting . i left it a while and then it fired up probably just my phone.

Updated from 1.17 hboot cid vodapoo1 md PG5813000 baseband 10.11.9007.15_m