Had a hard fall today with no apparent notice the watch knew????


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Jun 1, 2013
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I wear the watch for the fall detection. One year ago it worked well when I fell and knocked myself out. (Balance/dizzy issue here). Well today I was doing some cleaning in the house and I was bending over quite a bit and had some dizziness issues but nothing bad. Well I finally went down and I know it was hard however did not pass out. I forgot all about the watch and I laid on the floor for a few minutes w/o moving as my neck and shoulder were hurting, amongst other things. When I finally moved I realized the watch never made any noises. I know I kept my arms still as I laid there so does anyone have a thought on what may be happening with the watch? EDIT: From what I can tell everything seems to be working on the phone app.
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Jul 14, 2011
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You mentioned you were bent over... did you fall from a standing position or a lower one? (The latter might not be recognized as a fall)