Handcent 5 problem

Pire Crompir

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Aug 3, 2013
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I hate the new Handcent 5 version, but I'm getting used to it ;-).

I can send and receive MMSs without any problems. My problem is that when I receive (or send) an MMS with a picture, nothing happens when I tap on it in conversation view. In previous versions the picture used to open with my selected image viewer when I tapped on it, now absolutely nothing happens. I have to tap and hold on a picture so that a menu comes up and then select "View picture", then the picture opens in a strange viewer which I can't select, it's some kind of a built-in viewer I presume. I would like to tap on a picture to open it in my preferred viewer like before.

My device: HTC One X, Android 4.1.

Thanks for your help!
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