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I have a simple Samsung phone that I use - among other things - for testing websites I maintain, esp when page layouts and/or spreadsheets a tweaked. I load the whole website onto the phone and access it from a home page I have on it. When I open the home page in a browser the address bar shows: file:///storage/emulated/0/download/home/index.html
Nice, and its links to my websites loaded into the /download/ folder on the phone WORK.

Recently I bought a Samsung android tablet - to do the same website tests and to work on a major archiving project. I have loaded the same home page and the websites onto the tablet, both local downloads folder and sd card.
BUT when I open either home page [from file manager] in a browser (chrome, firefox or edge) the address bar shows:
content://0@media/external/file/27 [or whatever number]
It's links to other files on the device don't work.
If I enter the actual file address in the address bar I get - file not found!
How do I fix this - I cannot find anything in device settings or in the browser settings. Is there something in the android developer interface that would fix it?
It's a piece of junk if I cannot use it for what I need to do.


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Feb 12, 2012
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Either find the browser you were using before, on Play,m and install it, or use an app like Apk Extractor to extract it from the old phone, copy that .apk file to the tablet and install it in the tablet. Then you'll be using the same browser, and it will work the same way. (I have no idea why Samsung's "Internet" app can't handle a link to a file - unless the links in that file are to the site addresses, not to local files.)

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