Hands Free Driving (SVoice)


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Jun 22, 2012
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I bought the GS3 yesterday, which is my first Android phone. My previous one is an N900. I read the manual, and it talks about car mode. I figured with that, plus the SVoice feature, I would be able to automagically control the phone hands free. By hands free I was hoping to keep the phone in my pants pocket and not have to press any buttons at all.

What I would like is to get into the car, press the off-hook button on my steering wheel (I got it paired with the car yesterday), and be able to talk to the phone, like "navigate to Houston". Well it fires up the navigate app okay, but if it doesn't understand the destination, it displays a list of possible destinations, when what it should do is talk back to say that it didn't understand the destination. Navigation doesn't seem to have any voice capability.
Likewise, I would like this to work for checking traffic, getting texts and placing calls.

I read about an app called tasker that would put the phone in various modes based upon system events. It seems to me like I should be able to have it go to the SVoice app when it pairs with my car. I do not see how to get its attention when I press the off hook button on my steering wheel. For that, it may require software. I would have to write software to detect the USB event, and send a command to the SVoice app.

Is any of this possible? Does this already exist?


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Jun 7, 2012
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Navigation has always had voice capability. All I do is put my droid into a car mount and it automatically opens up the navigation app. I just need to select navigate and then 'speak destination' and mention the name of the place I want to go (Cheesecake Factory) or an address. If there's more than one, it will bring up a list of them, with the closest showing first. Once you select that you are good to go. Don't know why you would want to use navigation without looking at the nice detailed screen. It beats all other navigation tools, including my Garmin. don't need to enter any addresses and select a Contact.

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