Hands free issues, and stop the babbling?


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Aug 6, 2012
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OK I'm having a few issues with hands free. I've tried searching other forums as well.
1: when I drag down the info bar and select hands free. It turns green and shows up in the apps list. But is not actually on. AKA will not wake to voice command. I then have to actually touch the app in the app list. which takes you to the actual hands free app. Where she begins her endless babbling.

2. in hands free if I accept a phone call. after the call ends. the phone will go to lock screen. again losing the hands free screen. I have to again drag down info bar, find it in the lis, and tap it again to get back to actual hands free.

3. I will frequently get a response of "that action can not be completed. please switch to regular Svoice to complete that action" And it will be some like Message Kelly Mobile. I will then have to exit hands free completley, and start the process over again.

4. Is there a setting to stop the endless babble? When I get in my car and turn on a music program, and then hit hands free. I am soo tired of listening to "hello, I hope you are having a wonderful day. If you need anything. Just say Hi Galaxy." Even worse yet, when sending a text and it reads off the list of options for the next 10 seconds"You can send text, say new text, replace text, or cancel. Say send, replace text, or cancel........... beep.?" which the annoyance is then multiplied greatly every time it gets 1 freaking word wrong in the text. and now it takes 2 minutes to send a simple text because it has to read back the commands everytime. And yes this was helpful to learn the commands the first few days. But as you hear it 2or 3 times with every wrong text, every day for a month. I think I know to send, cancel or replace text.

OK rant over. any help greatly appreciated. Oh yeah I have tried clearing cache/data from Svoice.