Hangouts GV and SMS update?


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Apr 25, 2010
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Being able to use Hangouts to do a phone call over on the pc is great. It was said when the Hangouts app came out that GV and SMS integration would be coming. Well 3 months on and still nuthin. Is it a case of some structural obstacle or some other reason (carriers) causing this not to be in it already? Right now I use my GV number for just about everything. Works well for the most part. That said the Google Voice app and the stock messaging app leave much to be desired. So I'm using a kludge of GV integration app and go SMS pro. It works but still not happy with this. Never mind that to use it as a voip I need to use TalkTone. I was just hoping that we would by now have an integrated app in Hangouts that would have done all this. As it is now the app on the phone for me is just about useless.

Any insights?