Happy Holidays! Check Your Battery Status!


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Dec 15, 2012
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One PIA thing I live with on the Pixel is reading the tiny % value on the battery icon. Having awesome battery life has made checking the battery less of a thing, but oddly, I now catch myself going into the next day without charging b/c I never checked that tiny freak'in % value.

I am well aware of the apps that can put %'s in the status bar, but I wanted something different.

So, I chucked the battery icon altogether and bought Energy Bar. I've had visual cues like this before in custom builds back when I used to tweak Android and I like them. I think it's a unique and elegant way to get your battery level at a glance, while getting rid a status icon I consider useless. It's quite customizable and can be set to Hide when using full-screen apps. I think it's a awesome fix to a Pixel "feature".

Happy Holidays!


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Dec 4, 2012
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Thanks. I'll give that a try. Something I miss from custom ROMs is being able to change the battery icon. I used to prefer the circle with the percentage inside it. It is so much more clear on indicating what is left.

I know to change the battery icon to display the percent, but the font is so small sometimes that I can't read it well.

Tom Wade94

Jul 27, 2013
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You need Developer options enabled first, and if you pull down the quick settings and long press the settings cog, until it spins, it will enable System UI tuner. In there there is an option to display the battery percentage.