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Hard to find the best smartphone for me


AC Question

I have been looking for many days for the smartphone that better fit with my needs.
My budget is something arround $ 250, and i would like to get the best camera possible for this price (being a good camera not only one with a lot of megapixels but a overall good performing camera). This is the reason i am not considering a lot getting Moto G, though many people have highly recomended it.
I am kind of intrested in Blu life one X because of its impressive specs, but I am not sure about the brand, since I found very few reveiws about it in the web.
I am not looking for super speed, only one device that works fine and last a good time. I don't play games at all, and very important: I need an unlocked one.

Help, please!


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Jun 10, 2014
Welcome to the Forums.
The less expensive phones, Android ones at least, tend not to have really good cameras. However if you could stretch to a Nexus 5, for example, I think it would fill your requirements, but I've no idea how much that would cost wherever you are. Other members may have more suggestions.

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