Has anyone found an alternative back for the galaxy s7?

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I have to Samsung Galaxy S7 and it's been the worst. I have just discovered the back has broken for the second time. The first time was my fault as I did not have a case on it. After it was repaired it never leaves my life proof case. I noticed a small piece of glass inside the case and opened to investigate. Somehow, the glass on lower right corner of my phone broke. I put a piece of tape over only that part so more glass would not scratch the rest of my screen. It has since spidered out and I am looking to replace the back before it splinters any more causing scratches on the front. I am hoping that someone can direct me to a replacement back for the phone that is NOT made of glass. I would honestly just duct tape it if it didn't already hold a lot of heat. Any suggestions to this would be appreciated!

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