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Has anyone tried Sandisk mico sd xc 1 class 10 u3 extreme pro 128 gb in S7 or S7edge?

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i want to know if Sandisk mico sd xc 1 class 10 u3 extreme pro 128 gb will be compatible with s7 or s7 edge? Will it work at full capacity coz having an sd card more than what it can support starts causing trouble in some phones? has any one tried it or has that tech knowledge who can confirm me whether it will work or i should by 64 gb if 128 gb is not compatible?


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Feb 12, 2012
Any phone that supports 64GB or more supports XDHC, which supports up to 2TB (not just GB). Samsung can either handle XDHC or not, they can't handle it "up to some intermediate point", the technology just doesn't work that way. It's like putting drops of water into a 1ul vial, then going to a 5 gallon jar. Will it "support" 2 ounces? Of course.

When we start needing more than 2TB of data in phones, we'll have to come up with a new standard. (Phones are normally listed as "supporting" the largest card made at the time, so the S7 is listed as supporting 256GB. But if you put a 400GB card in it [or a 1000GB card when they come out], it will work. Your wallet might break, but your phone will work.)