has my phone been hacked?? (toast message with chinese characters)


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Apr 13, 2022
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i have a Xioami MIUI 12 Android 10 phone (not rooted or something). Yesterday, i was checking for an anime serie (i use Firefox) and finally apparently get it in website with apparently lot of pop-ups, intrusive ads... on it (it's not the first time that i have to deal with this types of site and never this following specific thing happened, i just close immediatly the pop-ups and that all habitually). So i entered (with Google searsh) in the site and just scrolled down in the page of the site one time (i didn't press anything on the website, just scroll down a bit one time only) and my phone suddently opened and switched to the Amazon application (it was already installed), by itself.

At this time, i was just thinking that the site opened a Amazon pop-up page and i was directly directed in the mobile app (even if its the first time that happened to me, in my memory). But, for precaution, i've immediatly closed the Amazon app (without seeing what was displayed on it) and Firefox, deleted all datas in both apps and i started an complete malware analys, as fast as i can, with the Malwarebytes app. So the analys gone for few minuts and i suddently got a toast message with chinese characters that appeared for a feeew seconds in the middle of my phone screen in the Malwarebytes app. It's at this moment that i thinked i have been hacked, it's the first time that happened to me in my memory.

So, i still have let finish the analys (and checked the screen some times, saw nothing strange), and after 10k+ datas and apps during 1,5+ hours, the analys finished and found nothing, 0 viruses. Just after, i still have by precaution immediatly after the analys cuted my (i was in 4g) internet (i think that i haved to do it direcly when i saw that toast message..) and i sent all my passwords to my pc (passwords of looooots of accounts with a lot of confidential infos) and i was having only 1 very important confidential data after the passwords, some screens of my ident card. After this, i checked fast the phone for see if new data was downloaded or something else suspect and i found nothing apparent, with the fast check that i did. So, finally i factory reseted my phone and immediatly did a analys with both Kaspersky and Malwarebytes apps, 0 viruses found.

My question is simple, with all the infos above, is there a little chance that my phone was hacked yesterday and my private datas in my phone, and my entire phone was accessible and usable by a tier person, and maybe the hacker still have the datas by saving them at this time? This is possible, just for a simple scroll down in a site with pop-ups??

I precise that nothing suspect in all my accs or something else happened at this time.

I stay online for additional infos if needed.

Thanks you very much if a calified person can guide me!!
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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! It'd be helpful to know which app was giving you the toasts. If this happens again, try using Toast Source to determine what's responsible.

I'd guess that you weren't "hacked" per se, but rather triggered some adware. Those popups might've contained links that would try to lure you into installing something malicious, but unless you approved of anything to be installed, the chance of having malware installed is low.


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Feb 26, 2017
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Sure you didnt accidentally click one of those tiny adds that pop up on the bottom of web pages for other sites like Amazon or ebay. The little blue X in the corner is so small my fat fingers sometimes press on the add itself inadvertently while trying to to pre the blue X.