Have a few newbe questions about smart tags.


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Sep 14, 2021
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Hello. I have some questions and I can't get any datisfactory answer anywhere. Can you help?

I bought the regular S
l0amsung smart tag. I got it set up on my A51 + smart things app + Find app.

*Can I set smart things app to auto update the Smart Tag's whereabouts?
For instance if you have a pet.

*Do all Samsung phone owners need to have Bluetooth/Wifi switched on all the time to help others in the Find network?

*If I do a scan for other people's smart tags what will happen. Do the tags play a sound? I can't test this myself. If I unregister my tag and scan it it probably wouldn't do anything.

*How can I test the tag when Im on my own. It is registered to my phone. My phone sees it the tag is nearby. So when I take the tag and leave without my phone. Will it start tracking the tag autinatically?

*Does the smart things app only give the last known location. Or does it keep a history somewhere? Ive only seen the last location til now.

*Will magnets interfere with this bluetooth device? When placing on a motorcycle where here is lots of metal?


Jul 14, 2011
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Hi there.
1) The tag automatically reports its location whenever it is within range of Samsung's network (not just your phone, it uses other phones and radios to do so as well... bear in mind that is not as precise/robust as the Tags plus, which add another set of radio frequencies to aid in location/reporting). You cannot force the update unless you are viewing it on the Smart Things app. Also, it cannot keep a location history (so you can't track your pet's route from your home to the park, for instance).
2) Yes (but it's a bit more complicated). When a device is nearby it might temporarily wake WiFi/BT on a phone to aid in location, even if it's Off on that device. But WiFi/BT IS needed in order for the tag to be located/report location.
3)Only if they're Samsung tags. For other brands, it just tells you a tag is nearby (and you can try to locate it with the BT signal strength).
4)Yes, the tag (even when your phone is nearby) is always reporting location periodically. But when SmartThings 'senses' it's nearby, it blocks forcing the location update. You can test it by leaving it in your car or having a family member take the pet out for a walk.
5) As stated before, it's only the last reported location. Location history is not allowed for Smart Tags.
6) Just like with any other electronic device. The magnet would have to be very powerful, however, to truly interfere with them. Metal is the same, but again, unless you put the tag inside the motor's core and surround it by led and coat the motorbike with 13 layers of copper, the tag will still manage (sure, depending on how 'deep' between layers of metal it is the signal range will be decreased, but still functional).

Hope this helped!

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