Have pixel xl as phone can still use iMessage on iPad?


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Hi! Total noob here! I have has iPhones since like the iPhone 3. Just took the plunge and switched to a pixel xl yesterday. I disabled iMessage on my old phone and now I'm getting texts fine on my new phone. However, I still have an iPad and a MacBook that is like to use iMessage on to communicate with my niece. She's 7 and has an iPod and loves "texting" us via iMessage - is there a way to still do this or do I have to disable iMessage on all my devices? Just wondering if I can still tie iMessage to my email and she can message me on my iPad. I am not tech savvy at ALL. thanks!


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Dec 4, 2012
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Welcome to the forums. I don't have any Apple devices myself, but since you disconnected your old iPhone from iMessage, perhaps you can reconnect to your Apple account with the iPad? That may get everything back up and running.

As I was typing the above suggestion, I thought of another idea: If a phone number is required (wouldn't really surprise me) get a prepaid SIM for your old iPhone, and reconnect to iMessage. That should then work with the iPad.

Try the first idea. That way, you aren't spending any extra money right off the bat.

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