Having issues with my mt3g slide.


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May 23, 2012
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I took the time to read through the first three pages on the thread, and although I noticed some similar issues, they weren't the same as mine, so I thought I'd take a chance and post.

That being said, my MyTouch 3g Slide has been having consistent issues for the past week and a half now. Here are some of the things it's doing:

  • It will shut itself down randomly, especially once it 'sleeps' due to inactivity.
  • When this occurs, it attempt to start up. Giving a little vibrate before lighting up to the first 'my touch' logo, but it will lock on that screen and not move forwards.
  • When I tried to recover it, it either will lock onto that first screen again, or will take a considerable amount of time to get to the recovery process.
  • It lags horribly when I'm actually able to access my phone again. Even when it's after a master reset and there's nothing on the phone.
  • It does all of this with or without my SIM(?) (memory) card.

When we called Tmobile, we were sent to the second tier of the tech group and the guy we spoke with actually had to do a hard boot from his end just to get my phone back up. About two hours after talking to him, my phone failed again.

We called back the day after, a new individual was able to get it up and running, and asked me to view my software data. He said this was all happening because my phone didn't have the most recent update. He sends it to us via email, and my phone dies again hours after the second phone call.

I was able to get it back up the third time by pure lock when the 'recovery' actually worked. We updated my phone and it worked all night last night. Then this morning it woke me up with a weird, and very loud ringing tune. I tried to turn it off, thinking it was an alarm- my screen was locked up and my power button was unresponsive. I had to take the battery out.

There is no water damage done to my phone, as indicated by the stickers. It's not from dropping it as I try to be careful with an expensive piece of equipment.

I've read through here and I've tried other 'power' keys like the 'shift' and 'home' keys on my keypad. It will still go through the same process as previously described.

I'm at my wit's end. This is seriously my favorite phone and I've already used up my replacement to get it.

Anybody out there have any ideas or suggestions? It would be much appreciated. :'(

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