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Having trouble with login to Facebook Messenger on S8+ (Oreo - VZW)

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I am REALLY hoping someone there might be able to help me. I have had no luck in figuring out the resolution for this login issue for Facebook Messenger. So, here is what is happening:
- When I open up the Facebook messenger app I get the login screen asking me if I want to login as myself. I click the button to do so and is says logging in...then says logging out and puts me back on the login screen again.
I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling the app, I have changed the password on my account, I have moved from Internal Memory to SD Card and back, I have removed 2-factor auth, I have added 2-factor auth back, I have removed the code generator, I have deleted cache, deleted data, downloaded and installed from somewhere other than Google Play, and can't think of anything more to try.
Here is the strange part about all this...If I download Facebook Messenger Lite it logs in and works fine. The ONLY thing I didn't like about using this instead is there are no chat bubbles which I really like for certain people. Also, if I turn on Dual Messenger option in the phone settings I can log into my account as the second messenger app, just not the first. Again, problem here is that you can not set the default Messenger app to be the second install, only the first.
PLEASE...if there is anything you might have seen that could cause this issue and a fix I would be VERY appreciative!