Hello everyone, i m a new young android developer and this is my first work


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Mar 25, 2014
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I made this app several day ago and i posted it on google play and some other markets. I would like to hear comments about it, how does it looks like, how to improve something in it, etc.
Here is the link to the google play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.roqaj.animalsmemorykidsgame .

Short description of the game:
Animals Memory Kids Game is funny, educational classic board memory game which helps your kids to improve their memory and their mental skills.
Our goal is to help kids to learn about animals and memorize them, and also to have a lot of fun by doing it.
Game helps kids to improve their recognition while they play the game.
Kids have to pair cute animals in order to clear level, and if they do it fast thay get a medal as a reward.
There are three sets of medals.
There are three different difficulty (easy, medium and hard).
At first kids see cards faced down. When they tap on one of the cards on the board they will see an cute animal image.
With the next tap they have to find another same animal in order to pair them. When they are paired they disappear. When they are not paired animals flip back again.
When kid clears the level it will recive the medal.
Try to find and match all the animals as fast as possible in order to recive more valuable medal.
Animals Memory Kids Game has some cool features:
-cute and colorful graphics for kids and toddlers
-visual memory training and training mental skills
-three different difficulties (easy, medium and hard)
-beautiful animal images
-cute sounds and nice, relaxing music
-develops concentration, motor skills of kids. Also develop memory, recognition and mental skills
Animals Memory Kids Game is beautifully designed with simple, nice and intuitive interface which is easy to use.
Animals Memory Kids Game is also optimized for all android devices(including tablets), and most of the android versions(from android 2.2. until the latest versions).