Hello fellow Android fans


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Jun 21, 2011
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Hello, I'm Tory.

I've followed this forum a lot for random misc things, lately just torturing myself over ICS rumors, but I figured it was time to say hi. I used to have a rooted HTC Aria, moved over to big red and now I'm sporting a stock Droid Razr with an otterbox. Kind of loses the novelty "7mm" thickness thing, but whatever. Been looking into getting a tablet lately for school.

I love hiking, surfing, I'm not huge into gaming anymore, but I still play a bit of Final Fantasy XI (and dream of some day having a computer that can actually play FFXIV by the time 2.0 is out). My favorite shows are probably American Dad, Futurama, and Mythbusters. I'm working towards getting a degree in Zoology. So for those of you who are wondering, I did not pick the name lifeinthezoo to be symbolic, suggesting that I have 6 kids or anything. I am literally a zoo keeper. I just happen to also inherit an interest in tech from my mommy.

Anyway.. see you around the forum!