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Mar 4, 2011
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Hi all,

I'm a smartphone user from way back, having owned the Palm 650, Samsung Blackjack and most recently a Blackberry 9000 (I did have a Torch for about 2 months but that phone did a lot of strange things so I sold it). I never owned an IPhone and probably never will - although my wife has the 3Gs. Anyway, I just got my HTC Inspire through AT&T a few days ago and I am really loving it.

One thing I love to do with smart phones is run applications (something the BB9000 never had enough memory for). Things like tracking my workout program and diet. I am Type II diabetic so I got an app to track my glucose readings. I love being productive and this phone seems to fit the bill nicely.

I was a frequent user over at the Crackberry Forums web site and I found everyone there to be really helpful (and I gave out help whenever I could as well).

I have a few questions and maybe one of you can point me in the right direction.

1. I noticed that there is no backslash on the keyboard. Or is it someplace else where I havent looked?
2. Is it possible to copy a URL from the browser and paste it into an email?
3. Phone Profiles: On my Blackberry, I was able to set it at night to not give me any notifications but keep the phone ringer active. On this phone there are only three basic settings, Normal, Vibrate, and Silent. Is there an app I can download that will increase or customize my profile options?

I look forward to communicating with all you android users here in the future.


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