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Jun 23, 2012
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I have a droid Razor Maxx.I rooted it and downloaded all the awesome apps that a rooted phone has. The main reason I rooted it was because I wanted to be able to tether. Well I was able to for a little while then one day I tried to tether and I couldn?t . It kept saying superuser can?t grant permission . So I tried all the other rooted apps and they said the same thing. Well I used the unroot program I downloaded which was made by the same person who created the root for my phone and it wouldn?t unroot or reroot my phone?It says Unsuccessful and it?s a read only file. So this leaves me with a phone that?s not rooted with superuser on it and I can?t update it and I can?t use it as a rooted phone. I don?t know how to get rid of the superuser app can anyone help me?